Car imports has been limited

Asrekhodro - The first phase of the implementation of the car imports management plan was officially launched by decreasing the number of official car importers and stopping the consecutively import of foreign cars, with the approval of the government's infrastructure commission, and even before the final ratification of the bill.

Thursday 17 August 2017 - 10:33:00

Car imports has been limited

Reporting "Asre Khodro", Creating restrictions on the import of foreign cars is the approach that the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade has put in place over the past two years.

In the first step, during the year 2015, car imports from non-representative companies that were licensed during sanctions period were subject to obtaining a certificate of after-sales service from companies with a formal representation and service network, but this wasn't the end of story.
49% increase in passenger car imports last year and announcement of Ishaq Jahangiri, the first vice president of the country in the first half of February 2016, which conditioned the registration of car and other durable goods to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.
Having authorized dealers and after sales services, it was a breakthrough for car imports by non-corporate dealers.
With the beginning of the year 2017, car import restrictions continued by removing the names of some of the major companies from the list of authorized importing companies,And finally, the stopping of car registration by such importers (market brands), which began in January of this year, was virtually banned in the spring of this year, and the import of vehicles by non-official companies was strictly prohibited.

The next stage, the tightening of the import circle of foreign cars, began a month ago by stopping the car import order
And in the situation when importers were aware of the impossibility of registering import orders for foreign cars, the Ministry of Industry officials, with the adoption of a silent policy, either reported a lack of problems or considered these temporary, until yesterday Mojtaba Khosrotaj , Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine And Trade and the head of the Organization for Trade Development of the country, blocked the system for registering orders for foreign cars until the final approval of the plan for import management (arranging) of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, the process of importing cars continues with the registration of previous orders.

Response to the exaggeration of the importers

The stoppage of a car order about 4 weeks ago caused importers to react and warned against the rise in prices for foreign cars in the consumer market, But Mojtaba Khosrotaj , the deputy minister of industry, mining and trade, responded to the comments of car importers, saying: Car buyers be aware that there is no limitation on car imports from the previous place of registration  orders, and what was recorded in the first four months of this year is much higher than the order of the same period last year, which could lead to lower prices in the case of importing for the next six months.

A plan that was not finalized was implemented
The arrival of more than 26,000 discharged vehicles with 30 percent growth over the first four months of this year over the same period last year has led the Ministry of Industry officials to pursue this plan without any concern about the formation of a sharp tension in the imported car market.
In paragraph 3 of this instruction, it is emphasized that "the complete registration of vehicles (CBU) will be permissible only in accordance with one instruction." And if the importer has facilities inside the country or by entering into a contract with one of the domestic manufacturers to produce a car (with at least 20% construction from the start), it can equal 50% of its domestic production value to imports Car action.

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