New government approval for car numbering of imported and localized vehicles

Asre Khodro - The government cabinet announced the new conditions for numbering of imported cars and domestic production for the extinction of dead-end vehicles.

Saturday 19 August 2017 - 00:20:00

New government approval for car numbering of imported and localized vehicles

Reporting "Asre Khodro", The Cabinet of Ministers passed a new bill on the numbering of imported vehicles in exchange for the abandonment of end-of-life cars.
Based on government notified tables, for the numbering of imported cars and pickup trucks with a fuel consumption (in 100 km combined cycle), more than 5 liters between 2 and 8 worn out vehicles should be eliminated.
In the meantime, charges for gasoline-powered cars are set at 10% of the customs value of imported vehicles.

Also, for cars with fuel consumption of less than 5 liters, there is no need to scrap domestic cars, but still 10 percent of the value of imported cars should be paid as import duties on gasoline-powered vehicles.
Also, for the numbering of domestic passenger cars, as well as exemptions for gasoline-powered cars custom, For a fuel consumption of more than 8 liters per 100 kilograms of combined cycle, a worn out vehicle must be lost.

According to footNote 2 of this bill, 10% of the aforementioned customs value listed in the table below will be charged by importers within the framework of the annual budget law on public transport law enforcement and fuel management to develop and modernize the fleet of cargo and passengers.
The resolution further emphasizes that military and constabulary vehicles will be exempted from this clause.
In Note 4, this resolution also reads,
Vehicles imported into free zones subject to numbering (number of wasted cars) of this clause.

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