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Details of new rules for importing car to Iran

Asrekhodro - The government's decisions to import the car to its final stage are approaching.

Friday 22 September 2017 - 13:29:00

Details of new rules for importing car to Iran

Reporting "Asre Khodro", There are a lot of new decisions in this provision that surely it's implementation will be along with massive margins, since based on this regulation, imports of vehicles with a engine capacity of over 2500 cc will be released and car imports will depend entirely on production.
In this resolution, the car imports more than 2,500 cc, will be released, and respectively, cars with an average price of 40 to 50 thousand dollars, 50 percent increase in tariffs, 50 to 60 thousand dollars increased by 75 percent and for more than 60 thousand dollars, 100 percent to the additional tariff will be.
According to the bill, import tariffs of less than 2,500 cc, will not change.
In the bill, imports are foreseen only by official delegates, and each brand will only be  allowed imports of 3,000 units at a budget of $ 100 million.
For importing more than 3,000 units, there are concessions including car exports, car parts exports and car production.
Thus, the official importers of each brand, on the amount of car exports and auto parts, as well as the production of any car, even domestic cars will have a higher ceiling for their imports.

The enormous complexity of this bill will cause various interpretations in the course of implementation that will make it difficult to enforce the law.

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