New details of auto importation guidelines and rules and how to collaborate with foreign auto companies.

Asre Khodro- The car registration site will remain inactive until the approval of the car importation plan in the government office.

Monday 14 August 2017 - 11:54:00

New details of auto importation guidelines and rules and how to collaborate with foreign auto companies.

Reporting "Asre Khodro", The head of the trade development organization announced in this regard yesterday , while its been more than a month since the closure of the importing vehicle registration site.
Mojtaba Khosrotaj, the chief of development of  commerce organization:
He stated that the Development and Trade Organization, as the trustee of the automobile import registration system, is currently awaiting the announcement of new car importation frameworks, Because this new directive, specifies who will be able to import the car.

This plan, which subordinates import cars to foreign car manufacturer products in Iran, Due to some ambiguities, the government sent specialized sections such as the Economic Council, the Market Regulation Unit, and the State Infrastructure Commission to finalize the approval process based on expert opinions.

The Government Infrastructure Commission, as the last source to review this plan by removing the export clause (which obliged importers to export localized automobiles), was sent to the government on July 19 this year, which has not been yet reported by its government to approve or reject it. .

Since we intend to move in accordance with the new import directive in order to clarify the import of foreign cars to the country, the registration has been disabled for car importers, so that whenever the directive was approved by the government, we will allow car imports to do so.
Khosrotaj remarks, are in a situation where the last meeting of the government was held yesterday and it is unclear what the minister of industry, mining and trade of the 12th government should take in the process of importing cars to the country.
The Ministry of Industry's proposal, entitled "Instructions and rules for importing cars and how to cooperate with foreign automobile companies" has four sections:

In the first paragraph of this instruction it is stated that "all car importers shall be obliged to have after-sales service facilities and  compliance with the regulations of the automobile import and technical criteria approved in 2003 and subsequent amendments.
But the second paragraph of the directive states that "foreign companies in any automobile group can only have one, commercial or manufacturing contract with a domestic company.
In the third paragraph, it is also emphasized that "the registration of the full car service (CBU) will be permitted solely by adhering to an instruction."
That's why every car is not supposed to enter the country, but the car must have the same framework as other goods.
It does not make sense to import the country without a standard.
Now that, there are official representatives of foreign automobile manufacturers in Iran, then at the next stage, the foreign companies have to accept and act on the frameworks of the Iranian government to import their goods to our country.

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