Arrizo 5 fully enters overseas markets as one of the best seller of Chinese cars

Asre Khodro: Since its launch in March, Chery Arrizo 5 has achieved cumulative sales of 60,000 units and average monthly sales of over 10,000 units in China alone. In August, Arrizo 5 achieved monthly sales of 13,072 units in China, up 17.4 percent month on month, securing its lead among Chinese cars.

Friday 23 September 2016 - 12:20:00

Arrizo 5 fully enters overseas markets as one of the best seller of Chinese cars

Reporting "Asre Khodro", As Chery’s global strategic model, Arrizo 5 will be launched successively in markets such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Peru after its launch in Chile, China and Iran, to fully enter overseas markets.

Arrizo 5 has performed strongly in global markets by its outstanding quality and tremendous technical strength. It is not only favored by Chinese consumers, but also is competitive in the international market. According to Chinese market data, Arrizo 5 has undoubtedly captured the hearts of Chinese consumers. Arrizo 5 also has good market performance abroad, with cumulative exports of over 2,000 units. Take Iran for example, Arrizo 5 was launched on July 12 during the Shiraz Auto Show in Iran, and achieved sales of over 100 units in the month, earning wide attention and recognition from local consumers.

As Chery’s first global model under its Strategy 2.0 technology platform, Arrizo 5 improves in quality fully with due consideration to utility and cost performance.

In terms of entertainment and technology configuration that consumers are most concerned about, Arrizo 5 carries the Cloudrive 2.0 system, and integrates utility and trendy functions such as one-button startup, cruise control, electric air-conditioning, electric sunroof, leather multifunctional steering wheel and leather seats, far above other similar products.

Noise control is another highlight of Arrizo 5. It features overall acoustic insulation with an optimized acoustic package. With an interior idle noise level of 39.7dB, it is up to the standards of Japanese and German cars.

In terms of internal air quality arousing growing concern from consumers, Arrizo 5 sticks to the design concept of “low odor, low emission”, with all parts detected and validated by laboratories. Free of hazardous substances such as chromium, lead, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, asbestos, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, it meets the Requirements of Banned Substances for Vehicles (China) and the requirements of the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EU), and creates a green, environmentally-friendly and low-odor internal space.

Arrizo 5 is an epoch-making fine model. It outshines other similar products in modeling, technology, control and quality. It will be successively launched in markets such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Peru in the near term. With the full entry of Arrizo 5 into overseas markets, more and more global consumers will enjoy the comfortable driving and riding experience from Arrizo 5. With outstanding performance in China, Arrizo 5 is sure to set off a new sales fever worldwide.



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