Chery's Road Safety Campaign grows stronger

Asre Khodro - Targeting the top of the education system on Wed., Chery was training teachers the most effective way to educate children on the dangers of road safety.

Monday 17 April 2017 - 00:02:00

Chery's Road Safety Campaign grows stronger

Reporting "Asre Khodro", In collaboration with Shokouh Institute the teachers were given extensive training on Road Safety Education for classrooms; the training included everything from wearing seatbelts to crossing the roads.

Chery launched their road safety campaign last year, and since then it has grown stronger and stronger, employing creative ways to alert children on the dangers of the roads. Chery's Branding Manager Edward Singleton emphasised "Chery takes safety as our no.1 priority which can be seen through both of our Iran models, Tiggo5 and Arrizo 5, achieving 5* in C-NCAP, the highest possible safety rating. We approach safety through Corporate Social Responsibility with the same level of excellence and commitment, and it is essential that everyone understands that Chery's road safety program is a continuous education that must grow as part of the culture, and not just a one-time solution."

The evening was supported by local authorities including Head of Police – West Tehran, Colonel Kafrashi who said "This is a great initiative that should be supported on every level.", and also supporting was Arshiya Shokouh, integrating Chery's road safety program through over 100 Shokouh branches nationwide. The people and parents of Iran continue to support and follow Chery's Road Safety Campaign with great enthusiasm, a massive step forward in Social Responsibility for the Iranian automotive industry.



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