Chery 2016 “Global Manufacturing Technique Skills Competition” wrapped up

Asre Khodro: On May 21, Chery 2016 (1st) “Global Manufacturing Technique Skills Competition”, themed “Technology Chery, International Quality”, was wrapped up at Chery’s headquarters in Wuhu.

Sunday 29 May 2016 - 12:39:00

Chery 2016 “Global Manufacturing Technique Skills Competition” wrapped up

Reporting "Asre Khodro", The competition brought together 134 technical elitists from Chery’s manufacturing bases worldwide to present a spectacular global event in which all finalists showed their superb skills and tremendous technical strength. Tongyao YIN, president and CEO of Chery; Xiaoqing HE, deputy general manager of Chery and general manager of Chery International; other executives of Chery, as well as Jian Kuang, secretary of the CYL Wuhu Municipal Committee attended the closing ceremony and presented awards.

After three days of intense competition, six first award winners, 12 second award winners, 18 third award winners, 98 excellence award winners, four overseas excellence award winners, five technical experts and five best organizers were selected. During the competition, all teams showed their exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding professional qualities.

The competition had five categories: passenger vehicle engine tuning, stamping, welding, coating and passenger vehicle tuning (assembly), and each category had four sessions: theory test, Q&A, operation standardization and practical operation. In the finals, the constants from Chery’s headquarters plant in Wuhu showed their tremendous technical strength and accumulation, with a clean sweep of all six first awards and five technical expert awards. The teams from Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Qoros Plant, Dalian Plant, Ordos Plant, Cowin Plant, Ruiqing Engine Plant and other plants also performed strongly. Chery Jaguar Land Rover garnered one second award and two third awards in the category of engine tuning and the category of stamping respectively; Ruiqing Plant snatched one second award and two third awards in the category of engine tuning.

Another highlight of the finals was the commendable performance of the contestants from Chery’s overseas plants. Despite the short history and little technical accumulation of these plants, the contestants competed without fear and up to standards, showed their sportsmanship, and carried off one third award and nine excellence awards. The contestants from Chery’s four overseas plants in Iran, Brazil, Venezuela and Egypt all won awards. Of them, Hossam Jamshid from Iran Plant overcame many strong opponents in the final of the category of passenger vehicle tuning (assembly) to garner one third award for this plant.

In terms of team awards, Wuhu Plant, Dalian Plant, Chery Jaguar Land Rover Plant, Iran Plant and Ruiqing Engine Plant (Jiaozuo) won the “Best Organizer” award which was based on participation rate, degree of organization and cooperation, and overall results.

Chery 1st “Global Manufacturing Technique Skills Competition” was intense and spectacular. As an innovative event of China’s auto industry, the competition accords with Chery’s mission of “making you more brilliant through innovation”, and such “workmanship” is essential to brand building and tallies with Chery’s vision of “creating an outstanding brand through exquisite workmanship”, said YIN in his speech.

Chery “Global Manufacturing Technique Skills Competition” is Chery’s largest of its kind in terms of duration, scope of participation and number of participants. The debut of technical workers from Chery’s Iran Plant, Brazil Plant, Egypt Plant, Venezuela Plant and other overseas plants, as well as its JV plants-Qoros Plant and Jaguar Land Rover Plant is an epitome of Chery’s globalization achievements in recent years.

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