Test drive of Chery arrizo6 was start in different climate of Iran

Warm start for arrizo6 in Ahwaz

Asre Khodro - This days news show, new luxury sedan of Chery will come to Iran market. Recently this car come to china market and a lot of experts’ attention to this car.

Monday 17 September 2018 - 23:22:00

Warm start for arrizo6 in Ahwaz

Reporting "ASre Khodro", Now during to introduction of Chery arrizo6 to Iran market, R&D and engineering department of Chery start test of this car in different climate of the country.
First city is Ahwaz, south of Iran, they want test new baby of Chery in very hot situation and then have evaluation about performance.
For new product test, always choose different climate to check car performance in different situation,
This car with TC engine same as Tiggo7 engine has good performance, and 9 speed transmission,  can achieve to 100 KM  in 9 S.

Modiran company for this car same as tiggo7 is very sensitive and do carefully all test to provide very good car with high standard for Iranian customers.

برچسب ها

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