Chery Arrizo 5 runs wild in Iran

Asre Khodro: The Iran leg of Chery “Arrizo 5 Global Media Test Drive” has recently been wrapped up.

Saturday 25 June 2016 - 12:25:00

Chery Arrizo 5 runs wild in Iran

Reporting "Asre Khodro", Themed “Wild Run on World”, the test drive covered markets such as Chile, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, UAE and Peru. This was the first and largest global test drive tour of Chinese automakers. Tens of local mainstream auto media outlets were invited to feel Arrizo 5′s freedom and vigor of running wildly at close arrange through a test drive in various road conditions, and witness Chery’s outstanding product quality under its rigorous quality control standard in the era of “Strategy 2.0″.

As Chery’s first global strategic model launched in 2016, Arrizo 5 became one of the most popular models in the Chinese car market within less than three months after its launch, and was ranked among Chinese cars with monthly sales of 10,896 units in May. In the test drive in Iran, many Iranian media outlets were amazed by Arrizo 5 for its fast response in complex road conditions, outstanding controllability at high speed and strong power sustaining a long distance in mountainous areas. Particularly, in the medium long-distance test drive from Teheran to the northern city of Namak Abrud, Arrizo 5 was unanimously praised by Iranian reporters for its superb maneuverability, strong power output, as well as stable control at high speed. With the launch of competitive Arrizo 5 in Iran in July, Chery’s market share in Iran is expected to further rise.

As China’s largest auto exporter, Chery took root in Iran early more than 10 years ago. After nearly 10 years of localized operation and management, Chery’s joint venture in Iran has become Iran’s largest foreign-funded automaker, and Chery’s cumulative car parc in Iran has been nearly 200,000 units. In the first five months of 2016, Chery sold 18,015 units in Iran, up 8.6 percent year on year. In January 2016, when Tongyao YIN, president & CEO of Chery, accompanied Chinese President Xi Jinping for a state visit to Iran, Chery signed an agreement with the Iranian side on expanding Iran Auto Industry Park, marking the first step of Chery’s “Globalization Strategy 2.0″ in 2016. Based on the existing plant with an annual output of 60,000 units, Chery Iran Industry Park will increase the annual output of the plant by 100,000 units and initiate the manufacturing of parts, to make the park more competitive. While building a regional manufacturing cluster, Chery will supply parts to other automakers in Iran. With the construction of the park, Chery’s competitiveness and market share in Iran will be further enhanced.

Iran is the third leg of “Arrizo 5 Global Media Test Drive” which will place in countries such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Peru afterwards to popularize the theme of “Wild Run on World” worldwide. Then more global industrial media reporters and consumers will participate in this event and test drive Arrizo 5 to experience its unique charm of full-time interconnection and Chery’s outstanding product performance under its rigorous quality standard in the era of “Strategy 2.0″.



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