Managing Director of Volvo Trucks, on the ceremony sidelines of revealing the75000th, of Volvo truck;

Our aims is to achieve 30% localization

Asrekhodro- Today, the ceremony of delivering the 75,000th truck Volvo to customer was held in saipa diesel.

Tuesday 31 October 2017 - 19:30:00

Our aims is to achieve 30% localization

Reporting " Asre Khodro", the ceremony was attended by Nilsson, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks and Sadeqi, CEO of Saipa Diesel, also the CEO and senior executives of Saipa, announced their willingness to sign a joint venture with the Volvo Automotive Group.

In this meeting, the two sides expressed their desire to develop cooperation and conclude a joint agreement, emphasizing the necessity of achieving their goals in various fields, including cooperation in the field of the production of commercial vehicles.

Managing director of Volvo Trucks, at the event, expressed satisfaction at the success of Saipa and Volvo's continued collaboration on the persistence of this process, and mentioned hope that this cooperation will follow in the future along the participation of these two automotive groups more broadly.

Nilsson,also pointing out that Volvo Trucks have been in Iran since 1934, and that the Iranian market matters to Volvo,
Saipa Diesel has been the exclusive distributor of Volvo in Iran since 1984, and today's turning point for our relationship is delivering the 75,000th truck Volvo to the buyer, he added.
He referred to the growing market of Iran and remarked: "The growing economy needs fast transportation, and we expect to have more market share than other competitors with the customer's satisfaction, which is why  We are bringing the latest technology to Iran and we intend to continue look at this country, as a center for our product area so that we can export our products to the Middle East and North Africa.

In response to the reporters' questions about production internalization, Nielson said that at the present, 20% of the products are being manufactured in Iran, and we hope that this figure will be up to 30% or so in the future. We are working to bring this mission to the satisfaction with the use of prominent Iranian engineers.

Following on from the Saipa Diesel CEO's announcement that we have had 30 years of cooperation with Volvo Trucks, during which time we have delivered high-quality products to our customers, saying that these cars, with 4 stars from the global environmental monitoring organizations, are one of the most unpolluted, and The most low consumption cars in their class. We are working to increase sales of products by upgrading the quality of after sales services, Sadeghi also emphasized.

In response due to the questions about Volvo's internalization of products: "We are investigating this issue and hopefully we will be able to make up to 50% of the localization in the future , but we need to consider the economic justification for Saipa Diesel as well.

According to the report,  practical steps were taken to create a suitable platform for a joint venture to begin the cooperation between these two automobile groups, and they required both parties to make an immediate and definitive decision on this matter.

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