700,000 worn out vehicles will be retired

Asrekhodro - Deputy Director of Transportation and Fuel Management mentioned that, according to the new act, 700,000 worn out vehicles will be dropped this year, referring to 240,000 worn out vehicles last year.

Sunday 13 August 2017 - 09:26:00

700,000 worn out vehicles will be retired

Reporting "asre Khodro", Alireza Ahmadi, with attending in the news section 21, on Chanel one network, has been commenting regarding to the difference between the new Cabinet resolution on how to dispose the broken down vehicles, compared to the previous article:

The focus of this resolution is on reducing fuel consumption and air pollution by trying to palliate the number of worn cars that are less fuel-consuming, and in return, increase bumping of the cars with higher fuel consumption.
We plan to reduce air pollution and improve our environmental indicators, but our planning depends on imported cars and localized vehicles, he added.

Last year, 240,000 worn out vehicles were dropped in exchange for each imported vehicles, he mentioned.
"It was planned to retire these cars in a  period of 10 years, but if the new law is implemented, in less than 5 years, we can eliminate all the old cars of the country," he remarked.
According to the Transportation and Fuel Management Department of the country, pointing out that worn out motorcycles, should also be eliminated, adding: "Given the high consumption of motorcycles, we need to develop a long-term program and provide the necessary preconditions for it, to put them in a scraped cycle direction.

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