Launch three new products of IKCo in 1396

Asrekhodro - At the annual general assembly of shareholders, performance and strategic plans of IKCo in the fields of profitability continuity,supply new cars, market leadership, export development and designing a new product platform; approved by a majority of shareholders.

Sunday 23 July 2017 - 15:39:00

Launch three new products of IKCo in 1396

Reporting "Asre Khodro", the annual general assembly of IKCo was held by participating the majority of shareholders .
Sale of stagnant and non economic assets:
Hashem Yeke Zare, the Managing director of industrial group provided some explanation on its performance in order to growth of circulation, profitability, increase quality, supply new products, reform, export development and advance goals and policies declared in fiscal year leading to the 30th of Esfand.
He believes that increasing product circulation has to be along with increasing quality and he added in the past year, products of (Rana,Suzuki, Peugeot 206, Dena, Tondar 90, have upgraded their quality stars and even at this year products like Tondar plus, Dena plus have received 3 or 4 quality stars in their first evaluation.
Development of international partnership:
He continues: also in the fields of product development and market share, completing the market basket through the creation and development of international partnerships, expanding platform and power train, creating variety of the market basket and increasing quality product should be considered seriously.
He announced that new products supply is aimed to meet our customer's needs also products such Dena turbo plus, Dena auto plus,Soren diesel will revealed soon.

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