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Introduction the ways of inquest to complaint and problems for Saipa Group customers
Asre Khodro: Saipa Yadak customer affairs manager said: responding to customers at the customer's center will be done in a concentrated way.
Reported "Asre khodoro"Quoted from Saipa News, Hamidreza Khaki, Saipa customer affairs Manager, added: according to the designed process in the project of deployment the CRM team, requests will be received by the contact center through the communication channels and depending on the type of those requests will refer to the authorities and if the customer do not get a good response the problem will put forward in the supreme committee of inquest to complaints which its composition and duties is anticipated on the project and decisions will be taken.

Khaki said: to simplify the matters for customers, addressing to all issues, problems and complaints in various fields of the sale and delivery to after sales services, repair and warranty become integrated and has been assigned to the Saipa Yadak customer affairs.

Saipa Yadak customer affairs manager added: the main channels that customers can communicate with SAIPA are as follows:

Telephone number for customers in Tehran: 61611817

Telephone number for customers outside Tehran: 096770

Fax: 61611742

SMS: 10001817

E-mail address: customer@saipayadak.org

PO Box: 1414-37515

Address: The customer affairs, Saypa Yadak Company, Daroupakhsh Street, 17 KM of Karaj Special Road, Tehran

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