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Old commercial vehicle will be replaced by SCANIA truck soon

Asre Khodro: Most financial experts believe lack of liquidity, that industry has been today faced with, is almost settled by a strong presence of leasing companies.

Wednesday 02 March 2016 - 11:36:00

Old commercial vehicle will be replaced by SCANIA truck soon

Reporting "Asre Khodro", With emphasis on the issue Mohammad Hassan Moghaarei, one of the leasing industry veteran, says: "There is a shortage of liquidity in all around the world, there is the difference that the presence of leasing companies usually solve this problem in the other countries, because its mechanism is available, and on the other hand the fixed and reasonable profit is determined, but in our country it's not." For this reason, we talk to him, who has the management experience in the several leasing companies in his resume and he is also the manager of Karamd leasing (affiliated with the Mammut Group), to survey the obstacles and mechanisms for the stronger presence of leasing companies in the automotive field.
• Today, and after entry to execution of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), there is the major concern for the small and large business that what will happen to the business market and economy?
Iran's economy has experienced tough sanctions over the past years, and as I said earlier in my interviews, the first signs of change have appeared in the financial markets and especially in the leasing industry, due to the near future business boom in the goods transportation, the changes of future can be lead and manage by strategic thinking.
• What role can play the leasing in these conditions?
Leasing companies, if are guided properly, and can use from low-interest facilities, are the best solution for supplying of the country liquidity. For using of low-interest facilities, the solution for companies after JCPOA is using of the foreign low-interest facilities, because the received profits in the other countries are very lower than the our country and if we can pay the proper commitment to international companies which are active in the finance, on the one hand we can help the country to exchange the foreign currency, and also we supply our products to customers with very low profit.
• How do you assess the future market commercial automotive?
After the lifting sanctions of automotive industry, the trend of automakers activity, especially in imports of components and raw materials, will be facilitated, but reducing of car prices will need to improve the exchange rate and reducing of raw materials prices, currently, there is no clear vision for them. The customers of commercial automotive are two categories: the first batch is producers and owners of internal and transit transportation manufacturers that are the applicants as a cash purchase or leasing of vehicle for their work, and the second batch is natural persons that convert cash investments to automotive and livelihood through this profession. So it is concluded, in the current market condition, demands has reduced slightly, however, the Mammut company's automotive (SCANIA) have always their customers because of the low depreciation and the optimum fuel consumption and having international standards.
• Commercial automotive manufacturers report downturn in markets. Has this downturn also effected on the activities of leasing commercial automotive?
One reason of the decline in demand for purchasing of automotive and a downturn in the auto leasing sector is a significant reduction of freight and load and creating of serious distortions in the livelihoods of the owners of automotive and leasing payments. In recent months, the country has faced to a severe shortage of load in both internal and transit transport sectors that the part of them are from the reduction of global prices of minerals such as iron, steel and cement ... and the reduction of exports, that we hope to improve the situation of load transportation in the country and to boom the business due to lift sanctions and activations of ports and increase imports in the next year. It should be noted that Mammut company, which is only European supplier of commercial automotive under the brand of "SCANIA", has not faced to a problem in the sale of its products in the current situation and always has the own especial clients.
• How is the situation of the deteriorated commercial automotive organizing in the country?
As you know, 21% of the country's fleet of commercial automotive have over 35 years old that their modernization is considered by staff of transport and fuel and the Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization totally, there are more than 65 thousand over 10 tons trucks and tractors with over 25 years old in the country that there must be renovated. Therefore, the joint plan has begun between active companies in the field of commercial automotive and the organization since the mid-year and it is eventually to reach these days. In this plan, SCANIA's productions will be delivered to the buyer by paying of 30% of automotive price as a prepayment and the installment payment of the remained with 11% profit and in the shortest possible time. Of course, the difference between this profit and profit of bank will paid by Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization to the bank. Also, I must emphasize the government decision is one of the correct decisions and it seems that this plan can make a great fast effect on the eliminating of downturn in commercial automotive market in these days.
• When this plan will execute completely?
All acts are taken in recent months, and if particular problems do not happened, the first series of renovated commercial automotive will be delivered to buyers coincide with the Iran Automotive Industry’s Capabilities Exhibition and the third Iran Automotive Industry International Conference.

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