Reasons of car price increase

After CBU cars, now CKD will be increase price

Asre khodro: 1396 was bad year for car industry, government suddenly increase tax, and CBU cars step by steps increase, and mentally market start to increase price.

Wednesday 05 September 2018 - 12:30:00

After CBU cars, now CKD will be increase price

Reportig"Asre khodro",Until end of Iranian new year, after announce new tax,  this increase price has continue.  It was good chance for Iranian and Chinese to sell more cars.
But 1397 dollar price increase change all things,  and second part of price increase happen, in this time cbu cars price was unreasonable,  for exam: some economic cars in the world has luxury price in Iran.
Most of the expert think its golden chance for Chinese and Iranian cars. And government will support Iranian car industry.

After sanction happen , this problem transfer to Iranian


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